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Dunya Mikhail
Photo © Robert Akrawi

“Stark and poignant, Mikhail’s poems give voice to an often buried, glossed-over or spun grief.”

Publishers Weekly


  [Mikhail is] a poet who can take a subject as difficult as the death of a child and write, counter to the human-interest story or sound bite, a poem that will outlast the exigencies of the present.”

 Susan Barba, Boston Review

“Mikhail’s work is emotionally uplifting. Her style mentions an impressive fragility and delicacy of style mentions an impressive fragility and delicacy of image that touches the reader’s heart. Indeed, her trademark utmost lucidity of picture is tinged by a radiance of tone that we feel unmistakably spills over from the original language.”

Laurence Lieberman, American Poetry Review


  It’s a remarkable, winding work that ascends into dream visions and crawls through gory particulars of war. A child’s perspective mingles freely with the poet’s mature voice, both baffled by the paradoxes of so much beauty and so much destruction.

Ron Charles, the Washington Post


“Mikhail’s poetry- so pure and beautiful- is the best of her generation.”

Fadhil Al-Azzawi, Iraqi poet


  [Mikhail’s] poem will tell you more than any film clips, news stories or books about Middle Eastern battles.”

Phoebe Pettingell, The New Leader

Shakespeare would have enjoyed the poetry of Dunya Mikhail who has spoken of love as a response to a war-torn world – an aesthetic, a value, and a practice.

Elizabeth Toohey, the Christian Science Monitor


  “Mikhail has impressively renovated the genre of the war poem in modern Arabic poetry by boldly introducing new techniques with a new vision.”

Saadi Simawe, Iraqi writer

“Dunya Mikhail combines the authenticity of witness to global events with the essential poetic virtue of wit.”

Robert Stewart, New Letters



  There is no current voice that speaks on war through poetry more candidly, effectively, and beautifully than Dunya Mikhail.

Ronald Grant, Parkview magazine