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The Beekeeper Kirkus Review

  THE BEEKEEPER Rescuing the Stolen Women of Iraq by Dunya Mikhail ; translated by Max WeissDunya Mikhail BUY NOW FROM AMAZON BARNES & NOBLE LOCAL BOOKSELLER     KIRKUS REVIEW An Iraqi journalist and poet long resident in New York returns to ...

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مئة عام من النوم

مئة عام من النوم دنيا ميخائيل 30 ديسمبر 2017 شعر لوحة مارك شاغال     لا أريد أن أكون الأميرة أريد فقط أن أكون نومَها لمئة عام.   أريد أن أتخطّى مشاكل القرن الواحد والعشرين، من تلوّث المياه إلى الحرب ...

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Hive   Kevin Young The honey bees’ exile      is almost complete. You can carry  them from hive      to hive, the child thought & that is what   he tried, walking      with them thronging between his pressed palms. ...

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Faint Music by Robert Hass

POETRY FOUNDATION   Faint Music BY ROBERT HASS Maybe you need to write a poem about grace.   When everything broken is broken,    and everything dead is dead, and the hero has looked into the mirror with complete contempt, and ...

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Tablets II, Poetry magazine

  Tablets II BY DUNYA MIKHAIL 1   I close my eyes and I see a dot. It becomes a spot of light. It grows into the size of a person who distances away until it returns to a spot ...

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University of Oxford

https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/dunya-mikhail-speaks-alex-donnelly Podcasts Dunya Mikhail speaks to Alex Donnelly Audio Dunya Mikhail speaks to Alex Donnelly 00:00 16:21 Duration: 0:16:21 | Added: 13 Nov 2017 Audio Embed Code Embed HELP Iraqi-American poet Dunya Mikhail talks to Alex Donnelly about commemoration, reconnection and ...

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