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Tablets I in Hindi

Ravi Kopra Ravi Kopra   24 Tablets Of Dunya Mikhail In Hindi/Urdu Translation – Poem by Ravi Kopra 1 usne apne kaan taboot k badan k paas lagaye: wo har baat sun-na chaHti thee jo wo kabhi nahin bola 2 ...

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Tablets IV

    Tablets IV BY DUNYA MIKHAIL 1   I wanted to write an epic about suffering, but when I found a tendril of her hair among the ruins of her mud house, I found my epic there.     ...

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The Stranger in Her Femine Sign

  The Stranger in Her Feminine Sign BY DUNYA MIKHAIL Everything has gender in Arabic. History is male. Fiction is female. Dream is male. Wish is female.   Feminine words are followed by a circle with two dots over. They ...

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