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Ilya Kaminsky’s Firing Squad

  January 26, 2018   Firing Squad   Ilya Kaminsky On balconies, sunlight. On poplars, sunlight on our lips. Today no one is shooting. A girl cuts her hair with imaginary scissors— the scissors in sunlight, her hair in sunlight. ...

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Hive   Kevin Young The honey bees’ exile      is almost complete. You can carry  them from hive      to hive, the child thought & that is what   he tried, walking      with them thronging between his pressed palms. ...

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Faint Music by Robert Hass

POETRY FOUNDATION   Faint Music BY ROBERT HASS Maybe you need to write a poem about grace.   When everything broken is broken,    and everything dead is dead, and the hero has looked into the mirror with complete contempt, and ...

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